Election Results
Indian-origin Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh, whose New Democratic Party (NDP) won 24 seats in the general election, is set to emerge as the “kingmaker” while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party lost majority.

The Liberal Party won 157 seats in the 338-member lower House, while the main opposition Conservatives secured 121 seats. Mr. Trudeau will now require at least 13 legislators from his left-leaning rival parties to reach the ‘magic number’ of 170 to form a Liberal Party-led minority government.

The New Democratic Party is poised to play kingmaker in a minority Parliament. With 24 seats in its kitty, the NDP has lost nearly 50% of the seats it had won in 2015. Despite the drop-in seats, Mr. Singh has secured important role due to the outcome of elections.

Source: The Hindu

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