Why 2018 Nobel Prize for literature was delayed?
The 2018 award had been postponed for a year on account of a scandal involving the Academy’s close ties with a man convicted of rape and jailed that year. Jean-Claude Arnault, the husband of a former academy member, was convicted last year of two rapes in 2011.

Who received 2018 and 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature?
The 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature went to Tokarczuk from Poland. The 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature has been awarded to Peter Handke from Austria. Both winners will receive a full cash prize, valued this year at 9-million kronor ($918,000), a gold medal and a diploma.

Olga Tokarczuk
Tokarczuk, 57, one of Poland’s most successful authors, has found a wider English-reading audience in recent years and won the Man Booker Prize in 2018 for Flights, a translation of her 2007 novel Bieguni.

Peter Handke
Handke, 76, published his debut novel Die Hornissen in 1966. He went on to write novels, essays, dramatic works and screenplays in a vast body of work spanning more than 50 years. The Academy described him as one of the most influential writers in Europe after the Second World War.

Source: The Indian Express

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