Signature Campaign for carving out a new state out of North Karnataka
The newly floated Uttara Karnataka Horata Samiti, headed by RTI activist Bhimappa Gadad, has launched a signature campaign to elicit public opinion on carving out a new State of North Karnataka, citing continued negligence of the region by successive governments.

Mr. Gadad said that questionnaire were being distributed to nearly three crore people of the State.Already, over two lakh people have signed in favour of the new State, while 39,000 had opposed it. 

The proposed new State of North Karnataka should be formed bringing 13 districts under its territorial jurisdiction spread over an area of 1.87 lakh sq km.  

Reason for separate state demand
He also appealed to the people of the State in general and North Karnataka region in particular, to read the comprehensive document brought out by retired IAS officer to know the extent of negligence towards the region by those in power.