What are Global Skill banks?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to make India “the human resource capital” of the world will first take off in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, where the government is setting up 50 global skill banks this year to train potential immigrant workers in 110 job roles as per international standards. 

Where these Skill banks will be set first?
Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were selected first due to their high population and for having the record for the maximum migration for overseas employment.

What will these banks do?
These banks, or training centres, will impart skills across sectors such as medicine and healthcare, hospitality, IT, construction, automobile and retail trade — where job opportunities exist or are likely to arise across different countries. Before they emigrate, youth trained in these skill banks would also be made familiar with the respective local culture and language of the country they obtain a job in as well as its work ethic.

When will these banks be set up?
The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship is likely to sign a pact with the External Affairs Ministry to co-operate on the initiative to realise the Prime Minister’s vision. By the end of this month, about 20 global skill banks are expected to be up and running, with another 30 becoming operational by the end of the 2016-17 period.