Bhutan Prime Minister M Lotay Tshering work as doctor on Saturdays. Bhutan has population of 7,50,000.

PM claims that working as doctos and performing surgeries is a de-stresser for him.

Why is Bhutan special?
1. The Buddhist kingdom Bhutan benchmarks itself on happiness instead of economic growth.

2. One of the pillars of Gross National Happiness is conservation of the environment. Bhutan is carbon negative and its constitution mandates that 60% of the country remains forested. It is also big on ecotourism and charges a daily fee of $250 per visitor in high season.

3. The capital Thimphu has no traffic lights, the sale of tobacco is banned, and television was only allowed in 1999.

4. Archery competitions are a national craze. Phalluses painted on houses to ward off evil are also a common sight.

5. Patients don’t have to pay directly for healthcare in Bhutan. While the country has seen major improvements in life expectancy, a reduction in infant mortality and the elimination of many infectious diseases, the number of lifestyle diseases – including alcoholism and diabetes – is on the rise.

But Bhutan also called the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” also has its problems, among them corruption, rural poverty, youth unemployment and criminal gangs.


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