•     The festival is celebrating the diversity in cultures from across the world marking the 35th anniversary of Art of Living Foundation.
•    The festival is attended by 35 million people from across 155 countries in the world.
•    It was inaugurated by PM Modi, who appreciated the Art of Living Foundation for taking Indian culture to the world by opening centres in various nations.

Criticism of the event:
•    The event is organised on thousand acre site on the flood plains of Yamuna river. The event required large scale temporary construction on flood plains of river causing destruction of vegetation and reduction in underground water recharge capacity of the flood plains.
•    Recharge of underground water of Yamuna flood plain is important because studies indicate Delhi’s water needs are twice as much as it can support. Therefore, it is imperative that Yamuna is allowed to recharge its aquifers from water joining its flood plain.
•    Levelling of land was undertaken to organise the event this led to destruction of the natural water shed of flood plains of Yamuna.
•    The Union govt, Delhi govt. are criticised for allowing the event in ecologically environment area.