Fit India Movement was launched on August 29, 2019 for promoting physical fitness of all by inculcating a habit of fitness in all citizens. Fit India is a people centric movement to be run on voluntary basis with participation of as many citizens as possible. Citizens are being encouraged to spend time every day on physical activities in any form be it sports, games, walking, jogging, cycling, dancing, yogasan or any other form of physical activity or combinations thereof.

To create awareness about fitness amongst school going children, Fit India School Weeks were celebrated in schools across the country in November, 2019 and which is being continued in December 2019. So far 15,000 schools have participated in Fit India school week.

To take the Fit India Movement forward, Plog Runs were organized on 2nd October across India and now monthly Plog Runs are being organized in many districts. Fit India School Certificate along with ranking system has been launched wherein State and Union Territory Governments have been urged to encourage and facilitate obtaining Fit India Certificate by maximum number of schools. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is working with stakeholders to organise Fit India Cyclothon, Walkathon and Fit India Traditional Games at various places in next few months. Planning and undertaking similar activities in various fields is a continuous process.

Further, the Government has drawn a list of possible activities for different related Ministries for encouraging and spreading Fit India Movement. Efforts are on for early completion of the consultative process. However, Fit India activities are continuing to be launched during the consultative process. State and Union Territory Governments have been urged to encourage and facilitate Fit India Movement in their respective jurisdictions.

Source: PIB

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