India in its efforts to become a military self-reliant country has released The Defence Procurement Policy (DPP) 2016. The policy is in sync with India’s flagship program “Make in India”.

About DPP:

1. The DPP was first released in 2002, following inadequacies in 1999 Kargil war. It has been periodically revised since then with last one in 2013.

2. The DPP 2016 seeks to increase indigenous procurement from Indian vendors. There is a new category called, ‘Buy Indian IDDM (Indigenous Designed Developed and Manufactured) ’.

3. Under strategic Partners and Partnership chapter, select Indian companies will be given preferential treatment in major defence projects.

Need for self-reliance:

1. India is world’s largest importer of defence equipment.

2.As India faces a security threat from both state and non-state actors hence being self-reliant is imperative.

3. India had all the necessary prerequisites for a robust military-industrial complex that is

                         a. a diverse private sector 

                         b. large base of engineering institutes

                         c. growing defence budget