The Union Cabinet has given its approval for signing of the Tripartite Agreement on the IBSA Fund for the Alleviation of Poverty and Hunger.

The IBSA fund for the Alleviation of Poverty and Hunger was set up in 2004 by three member countries India, Brazil and South Africa.

 Key facts

  1. The IBSA Fund undertakes development projects in third countries and the first project under it will be financed for the support of agriculture and livestock development.
  2. Contribution of IBSA countries: Each member country will contribute US$ 1 million annually for the IBSA Fund. Till January 2015 the total amount accumulated in the fund was 28.2 million US dollars.
  • The fund is one of the three pillars of cooperation under the IBSA Dialogue Forum for South-South cooperation.
  1. The other two pillars are consultation and coordination on global political issues and trilateral collaboration in concrete areas and projects.


The IBSA Dialogue Forum was launched in June 2003. It is an international tripartite grouping  for promoting international cooperation among three developing countries of the south viz India, Brazil and South Africa that are recognized for having global relevance and impact.

The forum provides these three countries a common platform to engage in discussions for cooperation in the various fields.