Unique methods like use of LED lights with siren and bio-acoustics are being used by the forest department to keep elephants away from human settlements in the interior areas of Odisha’s Sundergarh district.

Why are such techniques deployed?
The new techniques are put to use as the wild animals have made life miserable for the residents in several areas.

The jumbos demolish houses and destroy standing crops like paddy and vegetables. The farmers appear to be more worried about protecting paddy and other farm produces.

About various techniques
Among the techniques being used are LED lights with sirens, scare-away guns and bio-acoustics.

The scare-away gun is nothing but a big look alike of an old artillery gun kept at forts along with a gas cylinder. In 45 seconds it will fire one shot making a deafening sound of enough decibel to scare away the elephants

The bio-acoustics is nothing but a machine, which has sounds of animals like boar and elephants when they are in stress or distress. This helps but has to be used in isolation because elephants are very clever when they listen to human voices along with this they do not go away as they understand no one is in problem.