View of nations 
In a strong message to Israel, dozens of countries are expected to reiterate their opposition to Israeli settlements and call for the establishment of a Palestinian state as “the only way” to ensure peace in the region.

Upcoming West Asia Peace Summit in France
France is hosting more than 70 countries at a West Asia peace summit, in what will be a final chance for the Obama administration to lay out its positions for the region. The draft for the meet has been prepared. The details of the draft are as follows:

1. The conference will urge Israel and the Palestinians “to officially restate their commitment to the two-state solution”.The draft says that participants will affirm “that a negotiated solution with two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security, is the only way to achieve enduring peace”.

2. It also will affirm that the international community “will not recognise” changes to Israel’s pre-1967 lines without agreement by both sides.

Israel has settled some 600,000 of its citizens in the West Bank and east Jerusalem occupied territories claimed by the Palestinians for a future independent State. Israel captured both areas in the 1967 war.

Recent vote at UN over Israeli Settlements
The summit comes on the heels of a U.N. Security Council resolution last month that condemned the settlements as illegal. The resolution passed 14—0 after the U.S. declined to use its traditional veto power and instead abstained.

View of Israel
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ruled out a return to the 1967 lines, and many members of his nationalist coalition oppose Palestinian independence and support expanded settlements.
Mr. Netanyahu has rejected the U.N. resolution and accuses the Obama administration of conspiring behind Israel’s back. Israel has refused to participate in the French conference.

View of Palestine
The Palestinians, who also are not invited to this weekend’s conference, have welcomed the French initiative. In recent years, they have campaigned for the international community to assume a greater role in resolving the conflict. 

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