hat is NSG?
Nuclear Suppliers Group is a 48 nation group that regulates trade in nuclear technology and material. It will have its plenary next month in New York where it is expected to consider India’s admission into the exclusive club.

What will India get by becoming member of NSG?
India will get easy access of nuclear fuel and technology from other countries. This access is crucial for development of civilian nuclear energy programme in India.

Past dealings of India with NSG
1.    It is said that NSG was set up in response to nuclear test by India in 1974.
2.    India got an exemption from the NSG for nuclear imports in 2008, following the civil nuclear deal with the U.S.
3.    In 2010, the Obama administration declared its support for India’s “full membership” of the group, but things have not moved far since.

Instances in favour of India getting NSG membership
1.    Countries such as US, France, Germany support India for membership of NSG.
2.    India has a clean record in context of nuclear proliferation and is considered a peaceful nation.

Instances against India getting membership of NSG
1.    China, acting in concert with Pakistan, has thrown a spanner in the works for India, by linking New Delhi’s candidacy to Islamabad’s. 
2.    NSG operates by consensus and all its current members are signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. However, India is not a signatory of Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty.