Women members of Lok Sabha
The 17th Lok Sabha will have the highest number (78) of women representatives ever. They will account for 14.39% of the entire strength of the Lower House, which was at 12.5% with a total 65 women MPs in the previous Lok Sabha.

Party wise women MPs
BJP has sent the largest number of elected women representatives (40) to Lok Sabha because of the sheer size of its victory. It is followed by Trinamool Congress (9), Congress (6), BJD (5) and YSRCP (4), as per data compiled by Association for Democratic Reforms.

However, it is the regional parties that boast of a higher ratio of women MPs to their total MPs in the new Lok Sabha. Women account for 41.6% of BJD’s total strength in Lok Sabha and 40.9% of TMC’s strength in the House. TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee and BJD Chief Naveen Patnaik had pledged to give tickets to 40% and 30% of party candidates before the elections started.

Women account for 18.18% of the total winning candidates for Jagan Reddy’s YSR Congress Party (YSRCP). As far as the national parties are concerned, women MPs account for a mere 13.28% of the total winning candidates of BJP and 11.76% of that of Congress.

Party wise women MPs