Centre will track air travel data to keep a check on terror traces 
The Centre will track air travel data and may look for unusual ticket purchases in a bid to keep a check on terror, senior government officials said.
Additionally, the passenger pre-screening system, which will be adopted soon, will run a criminal check and see whether a passenger’s name is in the terror blacklist.

Immediate cause for making this move
The move is seen as part of India’s efforts at tightening security at airports given the global concerns after Turkey’s Ataturk International Airport and the Brussels airport were bombed by suspected Islamic State militants.

“There is a plan to put in place a passenger profiling system. The profiling of passengers will begin the moment an air ticket is booked. The ticket booking history could be looked into to check whether the pattern of travel is suspicious.

Aviation industry’s response to this move
It is intrusive to a person’s privacy. Passenger profiling could lead to an innocent person being unnecessarily victimised, an official stated.
Secondly, in India, there is a practice of exempting high-profile people from the system so if you start exempting them from profiling as well, the whole system will fail.