General Studies – 28 Tests


PrepMate Mains test Series schedule

Postal and online mode

Test discussion + individual feedback through Live Online Class

Last date of registration: 10th December, 2019

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Methodology of Test Series

  1. Each test will be on UPSC Pattern of 250 marks to be attempted in 3 hours.
  2. Prepmate team will send the question paper and answer sheet both through online mode and through courier.
  3. Candidate will submit the answer sheet either in form of scanned copy on online portal or through whatsapp or telegram. Candidate can also courier the answer sheet.
  4. Prepmate team will organize live online class within 10 days of test date. In this class, the complete test will be discussed. After the discussion of test, each candidate will be given one on one feedback on his/her writing style and what candidate needs to do to improve his/her performance.
  5. Before the class, the solutions of tests will be uploaded online. These solutions will specify the salient points to be mentioned for each of the answers.
  6. The printed copy of solutions will be sent to the candidate along with the next test.
  7. Candidate shall be connected to prepmate team through whatsapp or telegram. Candidate can request test paper and answer sheet through these modes as per their need.

Moreover, candidate can stay connected to the team through these modes and ask their doubts related to answer writing and discussion on their performance.


Every answer will be evaluated with respect to 7 points:

  1. Overall content
  2. Appropriate Introduction
  3. Address to each sub-part
  4. Address to directive of the question
  5. Conclusion of answer
  6. Candidate’s ability to express
  7. Length of answer

The complete paper will be discussed collectively with all the students participating in a live online class and individual feedback will be focused on candidate’s particular loopholes and how can a candidate plug these loopholes.

PrepMate Advantage

PrepMate Test Series will be better than existing test series on following counts.

  1. Evaluation by professional and not students
  2. Test checking and discussion within 10 days of conducting test
  3. Apart from test discussion, each individual will be provided personalized feedback.
  4. Continuous access of mentor to students through whatsapp, telegram and phone call.


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