Ask the following Questions to yourself and identify where you can go wrong in Civil Services Interview…

1. Have you identified the possible questions which can be asked to you in the interview?
It is important to identify the areas from where questions can be asked. We prepare detailed assignments containing questions on every information provided by the candidate in the mains form. As per our past experience, 80 % of the questions asked to the candidate in the interview are already included in our assignments.

Possible Questions on areas starting from Self, Family, Town, District, State, Nation, International and Current Affairs are to be prepared.

Also, questions on Hobbies, Achievements, Interests, Work Experience, Educational Background, Choice of Service, Choice of Cadre etc can also be asked.

2. Are you regularly practicing spontaneous answer delivery to any random question?
Ask the questions to yourself and try to frame answer for these questions. The better way is tell someone to ask a number of questions to you or you can even record the questions, play question on the recorder, pause the recorder and then answer the question. This will improve your articulation and help you in organizing your thoughts while giving oral answers.

3. Are you asking your seniors and friends what they have been asked during the Interviews?
The above exercise will guide you as to the pattern and type of questions asked in the interview. Also, knowing the questions asked in the interview will bring confidence in you.

4. Are you taking many Mock Interviews?
Regular interviews generate confidence in the candidate, help candidate to identify those areas of preparation which need to be emphasized and gradually he/she learns the art to take interviews.
Start taking mock interviews; don’t wait till your preparation is complete. The preparation is never complete even uptill the day of the interview.

5. Are you thorough with current affairs?
Current affairs are an important part of interview preparation. Questions related to current affairs are generally asked during the interview. Current affairs should be thoroughly prepared so that any question relating to the current affairs can be answered well.

6. Are you undertaking quick revision of conventional areas of general studies and optional subject?
Sometimes the questions in the interview are asked from conventional general studies and optional subject.  Thus, quick revision of mains syllabus is also required.