Indian Polity

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7 reviews for Indian Polity

  1. Surabhi Mishra

    Written in a very simple and easy language. Godd work 👍

  2. shaffy garg

    I am not good with English Language. The simple language of the book has helped me understand the

  3. 9718244187

    i m inspired from prempate news juice so i bought this one

    • Admin

      You will not disappoint for sure. Thank you.

  4. 6005803682

    Not able to download any pdf,I used three different browsers but still not able 😚

    • Shubham

      Enable download option in your browser settings.
      In case the Preview pdf does not download:
      1. Go to google chrome settings → Advanced → Privacy and Security → Content Settings → Pdf documents → Allow download
      2. Use some other browser.


    very nice i have buyoed in my school it is very nice to help in civils exams

  6. Hema

    Concepts can be understood very easily.

  7. Parmod vats

    Notes are awesome and written in simple language. I am big fan of prepmate ..

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