We have listed the biggest Myths about IAS Exam Preparation.

Myth No.1
I need to read all NCERT books from VIth Standard till XIIth Standard?
Neither are NCERT books required to be read nor is it possible to read and learn these books.

Rather, it is the biggest myth that UPSC exam requires knowledge of NCERT books. In last few years, the nature of UPSC exam has gone so dynamic that questions are rarely asked directly from NCERT books.

Moreover, it takes more than a year to complete NCERT books. Thus, we completely disregard the suggestion of reading NCERT books. Rather, we strongly claim that PrpeMate-Cengage Book series is far more comprehensive than NCERT books, easy to learn and most importantly is relevant from point of view of exam.

Myth No.2
I have neither been a topper of any class nor am I a meritorious student. IAS is only for toppers?
IAS exam is a test of your personality and not intelligence. It requires determination, a curious mind, consistent hardwork and good guidance. And we promise you that guidance!

Myth No.3
One topper in an interview said that she studied 16 hours every day for 365 days. Is this true?
It is humanly impossible to study 16 hours per day. A consistent study of 6 hours and more is sufficient to prepare for exam. Moreover, the exam demands more efforts in the initial phases of preparation.

Myth No.4
I can’t go to Delhi because of some reasons. Thus, I can’t prepare.
Certainly, it is wrong on account of following reasons.
1. There are many candidates who qualify civil services exam through self-study.
2. There are many coaching institutes in various regions which are doing a good job.
3. With the internet, study resources are available to the candidate right at home.

Myth No.5
The exam needs luck to crack.
Success is one percent luck and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Never ever bargain the 99% of hardwork with just 1% of luck. Work Hard to overcome every ounce of luck.

Myth No.6
Lakhs of aspirants take the exam and only few get into IAS. I don’t stand a chance.
Though lakhs of aspirants apply for this exam but the real competition is among only 3000 to 4000 serious aspirants. Those who study consistently with right strategy and through an appropriate source make into service.

Myth No.7
IAS, Civil Services Exam and UPSC Exam, all the three mean the same?
Civil Services Exam is a combined exam for nearly 24 government services. Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is one of them. Along with IAS, some of the other services are Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Revenue Services (IRS), etc. UPSC is the body which conducts Civil Services Exam.

Myth No.8
Some say that syllabus for IAS exam is everything under the Sun.

A big ‘No’. UPSC strictly adheres to the syllabus. Though within the syllabus, it uses complete leverage by reducing or enhancing the importance of a particular subject or topic.

Myth No.9
I can completely leave unimportant topics for the exam?
The UPSC has a tendency of asking questions from those topics which are not given their due importance by the student community. Our suggestion to you: Do not leave any part of the syllabus unprepared!

Myth No. 10
The Syllabus for IAS exam is very large. I will read not learn whole of the syllabus. I will be able to recall in the exam.
It is impossible to recall anything which you have not learnt well and not revised number of times. The kind of questions that are asked in Civil Services Exam demand strong analysis of the concepts which can be built only after number of revisions. If you are only reading the syllabus (without learning it), then you are surely wasting your time.