Recorded Classes – GS Pre-cum Mains




Course Details

1. Complete GS Pre-Cum-Mains in Recorded Lectures

The most comprehensive course which starts from basics and takes you to level of Prelims and Mains

2. Complete Printed Study Material along-with Lectures to be delivered at your address

(Not even a single page to be read outside the study material covered; No NCERT or other book required) – Whatsapp 75979-00000 after enrolment to get the Study material at your address.

3. Prelims Chapter-wise Practice and Past year Questions

4. Subject-wise and 3 full fledged tests from Prelims Point of view

5. Mains Chapter-wise Past year Questions along with Model Answers

6. Doubt resolution on Phone and Whatsapp.

7. Subject wise and 3 Full fledged syllabus tests

8. Course access – 1 year from date of enrolment; watch each lecture for maximum of 2 times.

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