DWQA QuestionsCategory: GS Paper IIQ. The spread of Coronavirus has potential to significantly alter the international relations in both peaceful and distrustful ways. Critically explain with examples. Also, explain how this spread has accelerated the alteration of Global power system. (15 marks 250 words)
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Sanu sarkar answered 4 years ago

Novel coronavirus which have spread from China, but now it is severely affecting all over the country in the world.so it is influencing international relationship with other country.
Example-Inspite of developed country USA has been badly affected by coronavirus.Hydroxychloroquinine which can be treated for covid-19 disease yet it is not clinically proved.so India the largest manufacturer in world imposed ban on export.USA president Donald Trump creating pressure on India to export the medicine.Even he threatened “RETALIATION”against India.But some month ago Donald Trump visited India and got order of billions dollar of defence helicopter and other components.many other neighbour countries are also demanding this medicine.This international pressure in the form of peaceful and distrustful has made India to lift ban from export of this medicine.
Global Power System- China is known as manufacturing hub. Many country depend on china for manufactured goods.They are blaming china for coronavirus.so they are no more want to depend on china.It is the opportunity of India to play vital role in world. India would convince other country to trade.India has good relation most of the countries.india has high population which led to high demand so India can easily attract investor to invest in india.Besides India should impose in infrastructure for fulfilling the demand of overseas.In this way India can emerge a leading country in world.