DWQA QuestionsCategory: GS Paper IIIQ. What are the various stages of Coronavirus transmission? How the strategy to deal with Coronavirus changes with progression from 1st to 5th Stage? (15 marks, 250 words)
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Sanu sarkar answered 4 years ago

Stages of coronavirus are described below.
Stage-1 – In this stage the person who is travelled or stayed in overseas return in the country.
Stage-2 – In this stage the infected person infects his family member or other person who is in close contact which lead to local transmission.
Stage-3- In this stage the people who has neither travel history nor close contact of any infected person they are also infected which lead to community transmission.The source of this infection is unknown.
Stage-4 – It is the last stage where people are infected in large number, which is cause of epidemic in country.
Containment Strategy
1) Travel history case- person who has travelled from any foreign country they must quarantine at home for 14 days.in this time period he must keep up physical distance from another.he should use mask all time and wash hand frequently with soap or hand sanitizer which contains of minimum 60% alcohol.
2) Local transmission- when any asymptomatic infected person is in contact of other person then there has possibility of local transmission.in this situation the asymptomatic infected person who was in close contact of other person they must quarantine themselves.For this virus can’t spread out further.
3)Larger outbreak-when the asymptomatic person without his cognizance come close contact of any person then they may be infected with coronavirus.if any person show any kind of symptom such as fever,cough,snize, respiratory problem then they must approach to doctor.
4) Community transmission- where the population density is very high there has the possibility of community transmission.where the community transmission show in large scale that place is declared as hotspot and it is completely sealed.The asymptomatic or any suspected are admitted to hospital so that the transmission could be curbed.
5) India becoming pandemic of covid-19- The number of covid-19 patient is increasing day by day.so the govt has announced lock down nationwide.anykind of gathering is completely prohibited. There has no required infrastructure to treat the large number of covid-19 patient in govt hospital,so many private hospital,hotel,guest house have converted as treatment center.Even the railway has also arranged train coach as isolation ward.Testing of patient which is very essential so ICMR approved rapid test to catalyse the testing.keral is the first instance of such test.Govt has declared to consume the hydroxychloroquinine for doctor, nurse, health worker who are highly risk of infection as preventive measure.There has highly shortage of testing kit and ventilator so the govt has emphasized to produce it indigenously.The public places are being disinfected by sodium hypochlorite.
Conclusion- people should obey all govt instruction and maintain social distance so that this pandemic virus could be eradicated as early as possible.