DWQA QuestionsCategory: GS Paper IIQ. What is ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ Scheme? Why it is a necessity for meaningful implementation of PDS system in our country? (GS Mains Paper II, 250 words, 15 marks)
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Nandhini J answered 4 years ago

When India was facing shortage of food grains ,pds based on rationing was introduced.later from mere ensuring food availability we have started to  focus on food security under pds scheme.One such scheme to ensure both availability and security of food grains for migrant workers one nation one ration scheme .
This scheme makes inter-state portability of ration cards which enables the benificiary to acess same benifits of pds without disruption even if they migrate to any part of the country .
Existing system
Under existing system, when a peraon migrates from one state to another,he or she has to apply for a ration card as per the norms of that state.
Nescessity for the implementation of ONOR
1.One time application of rationcard
When a person is transfered from one state to another,then he can use the existing ration card to acess the benifits that he enjoyed in previous place.
   Receiving   new ration card takes two r three months and is tedious
2.Benifits  migrant workers.
When the migrant workers work in another state, they can asses the same benifits that they enjoyed previously.
     Under this scheme,the due share of food grains is deliverd to the migrant worker in other start and the remaining share is obtained by his/her family from their local fair price shops.
3.This system weeds out bogus ration cards.
4.It helps to curb corruption
Adhar card is linked with the ration card which can prevent duplication and corruption.
          It also uses biometric system.
5.This scheme ensures food availability and food security to the migrant labours.
The government will create centralised data repository which consist of details of rationcards maintained by states and helps to cross check details.
It helps to share the information of benificiary to all parts of the country.

So corruption is weeded and right benificiaries are benifited.

7.Helps in reduction of urban poverty.Because large population is migrating from rural areas to Urban areas.
Issues to be noted
1.If a person doesnt have Adhar card, they canot be benifited.no benificiary must be left for not possessing adhar card.
2.Further nutritional value food can be added for poor consumers.
3.some states feel the burden  of cost of additional food grain to be suppled to migrant workers.
4.Digital infrastruction must be strengthened.
The ONOR card provides universal acess to pds for migrant workers and adds integration of the nation .When the drawbacks are addresed and improvements are made in this scheme, we can achive the target set under SDG-2:Ending hunger by 2030.

Nandhini J answered 4 years ago

Thank u for ur feedback sir!!!!
Based on feedback I have tried to improve my answer.kindly chk it sir.
One nation one ration is a central government scheme to enable benificieries to buy subsidised food grains in any Fps across the country.Itis  a step to centralise PDS system in the country.
One Nation One Ration scheme
Under this scheme,beinficieries can buy foodgrains in any fair price shops located in any parts of the country.
      This can be achieved through linking adhar card with ration cards.
The beneficiary is identified through biometric system,which can be done through epos device installed in the Fps.
        The rationcard portability is enabled at inter state and intra state level as well.
At interstate level,ration card portability is done through integrated  management of PDS portal(IMpds).
      At interastate level, ration card portability is done through Annavitran portal.