DWQA QuestionsCategory: GS Paper IIIQ. The success of states like Goa and many districts across the country in controlling and even reversing the spread of Coronavirus has showcased that fighting with coronavirus requires a multifaceted approach. Explain. (Gs paper III, 150 words, 10 marks)
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Sanu sarkar answered 4 years ago

Multifaceted approach to fight against coronavirus-
1) Technology- government has emphasized on technology to contain the coronaviruses,such as geofencing . government is using it to trace the people that they quarantine themselves or not.Another application is “AROGYA SETU” .It is used to understand that there is anybody around us or not.
2) Medical assistance- symptomatic person are being admitted in hospital and they are being provided all kind of treatment.seperate unit has been set up for covid-19 patient.Doctors are working as their best.
3)law and order- Administration has imposed section 144 where the number of covid-19 patient is high.The border of affected district has been completely sealed. usual movement of common people and any kind of gathering have been solely prohibited.
4) welfare scheme- Due to lockdown unorganised sector people specially migrant workers are badly affected.so government has announced many kinds of welfare schemes such as pradhan mantri Garib kalyan yojna in which scheme every Jan dhan yojna a/c holder will get Rs 500/- monthly upto three months.Free LPG GAS cylinder will be provided under “Ujjwala” scheme.Free ration has been provided to poor family.
5) Awareness- government are advising that everybody should use mask and wash hands regularly.everybody should maintain distance.
Conclusion- The curve has flattened due to measures taken by government.people should co-operate with government so that the coronaviruse pandemic can be eradicated as soon as possible.