DWQA QuestionsCategory: GS Paper IQ. On one hand, there are suggestions not to reopen the schools on account of fears of Covid-19, especially because children are considered sensitive section of society. However, there are arguments on the other side behind opening of schools. What are these arguments? Give atleast 7 solid arguments which justify re-opening of schools. (GS Paper I; Social Issues, 250 words, 15 marks)
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Sanu sarkar answered 4 years ago

During covid-19 pandemic government has decided to shut down the school but in many abroad countries have decided to reopen the school.Though there has the possibility to spread this contagious virus but many imminent persons are urging that school should reopen for some reasons.The reasons are described below.
1)If school remain close then which time children spend at school that time they will stay at home and parent must take care that time. Consequently they cannot work other job.So they can’t contribute in countries economy.
2)Mid-day meals are provided in school but if school remain close then children can’t take mid-day meal properly.Consequently they will have deficiency of nutrition.
3)If school remain close for long time then children may be divert from education.
4) If school reopen then many private institution can pay tax to government it will be helpful for GDP growth.
5) If school reopen then the person who are indirectly involved such that bus driver and other non teaching staff will be helpful.
Conclusion- For the above mentioned reasons school should be reopened.Notably children’s are the future of the country so they should be treated specially in their health, education and nutrition.If they hamper any way then it will be harmful for overall the society.