DWQA QuestionsCategory: GS Paper IIQ. Battles at high altitudes are particularly tricky. What are the extra problems faced by Indian troops while reclaiming higher positions from enemy troops in a mountainous region such as Ladakh? (GS Paper II, 150 words, 10 marks)
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Jasdeep Kaur answered 4 years ago

Yes ,it is true that battles at high altitudes are particularly tricky and troops have to face extra problems due to which they are trained in a special manner to combat these situations. 
 Terrain and weather of high altitudes should always to be kept in mind during warfares . Soilders are also mentally prepared and special kind of training is given to them.
In mountaneous region such as Ladakh which is completely barren and not much concealment is there, enemy soliders were on higher grounds have advantage over Indian soilders which were on lower grounds and can be targeted easily .
Due to reduced oxygen supply at higher altitudes, load carrying capacity of Indian soilders was also reduced drastically.
Troops have to carry ration and other equipments with them and constant supply has to be maintained which was very tough with mules. 
Vehicles don’t start when fuel jams, also weapons jams due to intense cold. Diesel vehicles need thinners and weapons need greasing and cleaning once a week.
At high altitudes and very cold environment communication is very tough. Indian soliders have to carry more batteries to operate communication equipment because battery drains fastly as compare to plain areas.
Although, soilders were trained and we’ll equipped to face any contingency still problems arises due to various factors on the ground reality. 

Sanu sarkar answered 4 years ago

Recently the standoff between Indian and Chinese army in Galwan valley has raised the question whether such high altitude place is suitable or not for army.There are some advantage and disadvantage of such place.

1) Soldier can easily keep up surveillance from high altitude to around the place.
2) From high altitude soldier can easily attack on enemy.
3)Since surveillance is easy from high altitude so if soldier notice any kind of movement then they can prepare rapidly.
1) In high altitude the place always cover with snow so walk on there is very labourers job.
2)In high altitude place oxygen level is low so body becomes tired quickly.In this condition nobody can fight incessantly.
3)The temperature of that place is always remain below the freezing point so in that place the engine of vehicle freezes very quickly.so the carrying of article in that place is difficult.

Conclusion- Though there has some advantage and disadvantage of high altitude place but it is strategically important for any country.Apart from this the soldiers are trained for this kind of condition so it is not so problem for them.