DWQA QuestionsCategory: GS Paper IIIQ. What is the CyberDome Project? Explain how it can be useful in controlling internet crimes in India. (2019, 10 Marks, 150 Words)
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JoshuaRM answered 4 years ago

Cyberdome project is an initiative from the Kerala state police department who has a dedicative research and development for the monitoring of cybercrimes.

Generally the cybercrime is getting updated or going into a new level day by day and tackling it is very important

In India the cybercrime is at new heights so with the help of cybetdome project the ethical hackers and technical team will support the police to monitor dark web  pages.

Child pornography pages have been removed

Movie piracy has been stopped by blocking the websites.

Tracking system developed by the team to identify the location from where data is sent.

Recently Assam govt has shown interest in this cyberdome project if it is initiated in the nation throughout we can tackle the problems.