DWQA QuestionsCategory: GS Paper IVQ. Transgression of Ethics is not just related to commission of offence but also related to omission of duties. Explain this statement in the context of failure of Indian state to perform its duties towards the urban migratory labour during the lockdown period on account of Covid-19. The answer should view the situation from point of view of Ethics. (GS Paper IV, 250 words, 15 marks)
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Sanu sarkar answered 4 years ago

Due to the nation wide lockdown many migrants labour who migrated in big city for livelihood,they are returning at their home state.This causes the question of transgression of ethics in different way which are described below.

1)At first phase lockdown government did not give any importance about migrant labour’s matter.But due to exotic pressure government started to migrant the labour.Central government arranged special train for migrant labour with cooperation of state government.but there has some loophole that many labour don’t know that government has arranged train for them.Moreover migrant labour should fill up online application for registration but many migrant labour don’t have any minimum money for registration and they are not aware about it.Further those migrant labour who got chance to go home they were suffered of deficiency of proper food and water, even where government has provided food the quality of food is not good. State government did not give proper attention to migrant labour who has arrived at their home state.There has also an allegation that the persons of quarantine center did not get proper food.Central government has increased the wage in “MGNREGA” scheme but how far it will be helpful for migrant labour it is a big question.

2) Government should pay attention to migrant labour before lockdown because they are highly affected section of society. They will be provided basic amount of money so that they can bear their livelihood but the government provided money is not sufficient. government should pay special attention to migrant labour about their ration card because many of them don’t have ration card.Many village area migrant workers are being inhibited by villagers to entry in their house