Ancient and Medieval History & Culture

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15 reviews for Ancient and Medieval History & Culture

  1. Surabhi

    Good coverage of topics in easiy language. Well done 👍

  2. Admin

    Good book

  3. shaffy garg

    Impressed with this book. I have ordered the Prepmate complete series..

  4. 9800743107


  5. Ramya

    Can i Know is there a world history material please

    • Admin

      we are working on it.

  6. Anusha B N

    What will be the cost of all the books

    • Shubham

      The price vary from title to title. For all 10 books, it is around 3000.

  7. सुनील गोयल

    श्रीमान महोदय क्या हिस्ट्री की तीनों किताबें प्राचीन काल मध्यकाल और आधुनिक काल की किताबें हिंदी में मिल सकती है क्या

    • Shubham

      hanji, yeh kitabein hindi mein available hain.

    • gurdeep kaur

      Hanji sabhi books Hindi mein available. Books section mein jaakar aap dekh sakte hain.

  8. Nithya Cg

    When world history will be available

    • gurdeep kaur

      PrepMate team is working on it.

  9. Sarath Santosh

    Where Can I get the New book series and what is the Total price ??

    • gurdeep kaur

      You can buy books online from books section. you can check the price also from there.

  10. Reshma

    Ye sabhi books marathi mai available hai kya?

    • Shubham

      Hindi and English

  11. Kidosap

    Along with every book do we get any other benefits?like Accessibility of prepmate videos?

    • Shubham


  12. Angie

    How I can receive prepmate study material

    • gurdeep kaur

      You can buy online through this link

  13. Angie

    Helpful material

  14. yogesh pawar

    Society material ???

    • Shubham

      It will be out by June 2020

  15. Harshvardhan Sinha

    When will next edition launch

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